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Primitive Vision Commercial Photography

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Commercial Folios

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High quality commercial photography will assist you in conveying your marketing messages in a way that words can only support.

Capturing your campaign as a 'live' experience is what your customers are looking for in the current marketplace. We create your marketing story board in a way that remains true to your business and also offers scope for future marketing campaigns.

We engage as a mobile vendor  attending unobtrusively in your workplace while maintaining a connection to the people and subjects you wish communicate to your end audience. 

Our commercial clients often require a stock library of images that can be drawn from over time to include in blog posts, infomercials, and online content. Utilizing a commercial photographic portfolio service in this way gives you value that extends beyond a singular marketing campaign. Images can be supplied in high resolution and resized for your favorite social media campaign.

We understand live workplaces from a practical and process perspective - we don't want you to feel that our presence is an inconvenience to your operation - you have enough to worry about already. 

We have a vast experience within the construction, industrial, business and manufacturing sectors, often being able to translate that to your portfolio from direct insight which saves a lot of time to you and gives us a certain degree of independence in delivery of our services.

We are experienced in working with marketing budgets and asset delivery over time. We have realistic solutions to manage your budget commitments. 

Primitive Vision Commercial Photography - Conveying Your Vision.

All back end requirements, insurances, licensing of images, permits, permissions, color space compliance and workflow standards are part of our service.